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Secret Council Making Laws

A Michigan mother was jailed for library fines for books not returned. When you look to see what government organization is in control of the library you discover a secret council that makes laws. Public Act 540 of 1982 created the Library of Michigan.
Control of the library from the Department of Education was then transferred to the Legislative Council. The Constitution directs the legislature to appropriate funds for the Legislative Council's operations which include providing bill drafting, research, and other services to the members of the legislature. Michigan Legislative Council is a bipartisan, bicameral body of legislators established in Article IV, Section 15 of the Constitution of the State of Michigan.
Organized as a bicameral body composed of an upper chamber, the Senate, and a lower chamber, the House of Representatives. Article IV of the Michigan Constitution, adopted in 1963, defines the role of the Legislature.  
The primary purpose of the Legislature is to enact new…
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How Does The Government Create New Jobs For Politicians?

November 29, 2019 By S. Anna Edwords

You will discover how the politicians make new jobs for politicians and how this is Government racketeering. 
First laws are ignored in order to make this happen. A human behavior will be created that will adversely affect a group of people. Then the politicians will create a research group funded through Federal grants to make the people believe they are working to solve the problem. This goes on for about 10 years, then a task force will be created to solve the problem, but in another 10 years, the problem will still exist. This is 20 years in the making and millions of Federal funds that you and I pay into the system. 
Let’s look at the Michigan indigent defense issue when someone commits a crime. In 2011 a group was created to talk about and discuss the indigent issues. Deanna Kloostra did a video on this issue at the time. Michigan was broke but an article listed all these different funds they were taking money out of to research the issue. Deann…

Lets Follow The Child Support Money Trail

Let's start where the money comes from and then follow the flow to the agency. Money is dispensed from the Federal government to the states. The states then disperse the money to the counties, cities, villages, and so forth. Your County Commissioners disperse the money to pay your judge and other agencies within the county that they control . Federal money comes from Title IV D. When you realize that Title IV D is funded out of Social Security, you have a new understanding. This is where you want to start your research and learn about the kickbacks or as they like to call it incentives.
Most people do not know that judges get a kickback for every dollar they collect on child support. This money is paid into their 401 K. Now you know why child support was figured at the protentional money a parent could make and not what they were bringing home. The judge could care less if a parent has $100 a week to live on after paying child support, they are thinking about their retirement! This a…

Lets Take A Deeper Look At Your County

Let's take a deep look at your County Commissioners and what exactly they are in control of. You will find that what they are in control of is what we are all complaining about that is not working in our country.  Most people do not realize the county oversees the family court.Just look at the name of your family court, you will see the county’s name in front of it. The family court also runs the probate courts and the juvenile courts. Everyone knows that family court makes billions of dollars a year. Research Title IV (B for CPS/DCF and D for family court.)  Everyone knows these businesses are not honest and that justice is not served in these courts. The corruption in family court is also happening in probate court.
Who pays your family court judges?  Yes, it is your county commissioners. Your judges also collect an incentive for receiving child support. The incentive comes from your Social Security and goes into the judge's account for when they retire. So they end up retiri…

What Law To Use In Family Court

When you go into family court, the judge will not state what laws they are using in their court. Some will say that if the flag in the court has yellow tassels on it, they are using maritime law. (Shipping industry use and what was used when ships were exploring different continents. This is the law that businesses use when shipping products.)
Why do you think a judge would not say what law they were using? The judge does not want you to know what law they are using so if you use that law, they can change to a different law. We are not in America anymore, we are in Merica. The rules we use to be under have changed. The rules were changed, and the people were not notified so they can use trickery against you when you come into their court of law.
If the judge gives you the law they were using, what will happen? The judge would have a standard that they would have to go by. You could then pull up the manual of what your judge is to do and how they are to rule. This would keep fraud from h…

You Are Not In America!

When you finally realize that there is a lot of corruption going on in the family court system, you ban together with other parents and start “getting the word out.”
Parents go to their politicians for help.Parents will go to their County Commissioners, who will say talk to your senator and house of representatives you elected. The senator will tell you to talk to your representative and representatives will tell you to talk to your senators. When you have talked to the other, they will say you need to talk to your United States representative. They will ignore your calls, emails, and visits and you will get nowhere. An attorney will say you have a case, you should appeal. The appeals courts will deny your case or agree with you and reprimand the case back to the same judge who did not do their job. Wait! What! You heard me right.
Deanna Kloostra states, “I have gone to every political person I can think of. No one would help.”
NonCustodial mothers came together and marched on Washingto…

What A Fair Divorce Looks Like

There is a simple and easy solution to the family court issues. This solution would not take a lot of money, the courts would not even be involved and the money-generating pigs would die a horrible death.
There should be a flat fee for divorce, say $6,000.This fee is to be paid by both parties unless they can show they can’t afford it. If a parent can’t afford to pay a payment plan could be set up or taken out of the assets of the marital property. The court would take their cut of $1000.
The judges job would be to finalize the paperwork and make sure there was a fair split of assets. The fees would also go to pay employees, filing paperwork, and maintenance.
The attorneys would each take a cut of $2,500. They would work out the settlement and custody arrangements. They would not be attorneys, but mediators.
If there is no compromise on the settlement and custody, there would be a trial.There would be an upcharge of $4,000 to hold the trial. If there were any allegations of abuse a compla…